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With modern day technology worrying about who is at your front door is a thing of the past, the views on your cameras are now just a press or click away. With Unifi products and 1UpTech's help it's possible.



If you need direct connections to your internet, multiple cameras to monitor your business or residence, and have the comfort of knowing your network is  managed by a professional. Look no further. We install Unifi switches ranging from 8 to 48 ports! We find what fits the need of you specifically.



Tired of ranch living with no sustainable Wi-Fi? Need a camera at a gate or a place away from your home out of reach of your network? Unifi Nanobeams are the perfect solution to moving Wi-Fi to wherever in eyesight you need. 1Uptech monitors and maintains all radios with updates and real time data to make sure your network is 100%. No matter the distance!


Cloud Key

This is how your Unifi network communicates. The Unifi Cloudkey Gen 2.  This device can run Network and Cameras but is always required for the network as it the brains of the operation and allows 1UpTech to monitor and maintain your network securely and in real time. 



This is how 1Uptech maintains and communicates with a larger camera network in real time with your Protect (cameras).

1UpTech recommends the NVR  on most projects with 6 or more cameras, depending on quality and amount of storage you need. The Unifi NVR is perfect for any small or large business in need of a brand-new top of the line camera system.

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